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Knock knock who's there - PzIV diorama

For those that hang over on Armorama you may have seen this before but in any case I thought I'd continue here since I now have my own little virtual bench in this cyber hobbyroom.
That means what follows initally is very much regurgitation of what's written before. But that's simply to bring the blog up to date.
Here goes:

My main interest up until now has been aircraft but secretly I've been adding some tanks and figures to my collection. This really didn't catch on properly until armour started appearing by the numbers in 1:48. Perfect. You can combine it with aircraft if you want and also one might not have to be so detailed as in 1:35. In theory.
Anyroads, I'm a big fan of the After the Battle series. And looking through the Falaise pocket issue this picture caught my eye.

This is what it looked like in the '70s:

I ended up tweaking the pic in photoshop to get the proportions right,

then I drew various coloured rectangles on top of the pic to establish what kinds of plasticard and strips that would be needed for the house. At the time I thought the shop was "L'Arconnerie", which apparently should be a saddlemaker, but this was soon pointed out to in fact be a shoe-shop. Cordonnerie. So much for my French.
I printed the sketch out in 1:48 scale and then proceeded to assemble various plastic strips and OO scale walls on top of the paper.

And here's what I ended up with:

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