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I know Sam already did one one here, but Rick and I decided that we needed one with pics.


Here are some basic tools that you'll need for soldering and working with PE in general. In addition to what is show here, you'll need some very fine steel wool, preferably 4 ought. Fluz is a nessesity, and you will need a roll of fine solid core solder. Do not get the rosin core kind. I also find a 3 hand tool usefull to hold solder in easy reach and to hold solder wick (more on this later)

Also, you will need a soldering iron. It doesn't have to be a variable temp one but, if at all possible, it should be. Mine cost about $35.00 and the tips are about $2.00-5.00 each. I usually work at about 700 degrees but you can go as low as about 250 to 400. (IIRC)

I use a extra fine tip:

a fine chisel tip:

and the most used, a fine tip:


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