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Hello altogether,

guessed right - i am new(ly registered) to this site. I followed PA now for quite a couple of months and now I finally registered as I thought it was unfair to benefit from following the premium class modelling here on PA just as an anonymous 'guest' ...

There's no place in the www where I learned more about modelling than here

Some facts about me: No - I'm not a guy! In fact I am one of the few lady-modellers focusing on armor! Unusual? Oh yes it is but armor is the only modelling topic that really attracts me ... Originally from Italy I moved to southern Germany with my family as a child and live there since then ... After a long break from modelling I relaunched this hobby concentrating on german armor in the first half of WW2 (if I didn't do that I'd kill my bank account - besides of that I don't want to build just another Tiger or Panther out there ... everybody builds those two fellows) ... unfortunately my friend isn't too fond of this hobby so that I don't have a lot of time for my workbench and am a very slow modeler of intermediate skills

Okay now ... that's all for now as I don't know what to tell you all ... uhoh - yes: You all can be sure that I won't bore you with fashion drivel on shoes, bags and whatever ... I will focus on modelling and related funstuff and nothing else! - promised

kind regards and happy modelling,

~per aspera ad astra et fluctuat nec mergitur!!!~
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