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Hello everyone !!

This is Denmark calling. This is the first mail here. My name is Dan I'm 43 years old! outch (I'm old!) I have been reading posts here since mid 2004 when I found this site, I think it was a link that James made on ML to this place !!
I have been modelling since I was a kid, and I never stopped! I mainly build german stuff, my biggest problem is that I seldom finish a project , and I have a lot of unfinished projects in my buildingroom. Yes I have a dedicated room only for my hobby and I have a lot of models in my stach My vife says to many!

I have a house in the suburbs of Copenhagen, where I and the vife, my son age 13 and 3 cats and a hamster lives. I work as a communication specialist on CS related systems for the Danish telecommunications company TDC.

I plan to request for a vbench here soon, so I can show some of my many projects
and hopefully be inspired to finish some or all :lol:

Dan Seifert
Is it a plasticmodel or ..ooh It is a model !!
Just have fun --Build it!

Best regards

Dan Seifert

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