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One I forgot about Trakz German Staff Car Review Preview

Parts maps since the ones in the instructions aren't as clear:

Here, I use a permanent ink marker as a sanding guide to ensure a good fit:

I was a bit too vigorous in my sanding and caused this, it is not Trakz' fault:

However, the pinholes, blobs, etcetera, are theirs:

The manufacturers logo is not on the grill but a separate part. The flaws on the grill can be hidden behind leaves and other road debris:

In the photo above and below, you can see that cleaning up the blobs and sanding have opened up a few more air bubbles which need to be filled.

I have test fit the complete body as it is broken down into a tongue and groove affair. After taking the time to clean up both mating surfaces, the fit is good. My impression so far is that the master is very good and the production is what is holding this back.

Accuracy is also an issue as it seems based on a particular Mercedes Benz but it is not faithful enough to be called a replica of it. I have contacted the pattern maker and he never got back to me. So, I put this kit in the (spare) refrigerator and forgot about it. My apologies to Trakz.

I can take photos of the body fit if anyone is interested. So, you see why I never finish anything unless it has a 'face' on it?


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