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Hi my friends, thank you all for your comments, here another small update on the latest work on the boat

The cammett mines are weathered and finished

The rear ammo locker received some detail on its doors as the locking mechanism made with
Plastic rod and PE leftovers, the same was done to the side lockers

For the flak 42 I used the wood boxes from the afv set for the bofors and m42

The boxes are sanded smooth and the rope handles glued in place

Here is the original look and the finished one

The ammo from the bofors set is very similar to the ammo for the flak 42, so I used the bofors ammo to fill the case and then placed one original clip on top so I don’t have to make castings
Of the flak 42 ammo to fill the crate.

Here a comparison of the flak 42 clip from italery vs the bofors clip from afv

The flak 42 ammo in the rear ammo locker

The demijohns bases are installed

The throttle pedestal is finished
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