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O.k. I use oil for my washes. I paint models with both acrylic and enamel. If I like the color I use it. I then cover it with a protectant of some kind. I use a product called Duraquil. It is an automotive paint coat. It is actually acrylic but when cured is as hard as glass and nothing is going to harm your paint underneith. It does darken the base paint though so keep this in mind when painting you base coat. It is also glossy. Some people (including me) also use future floor wax. Same principle. After protecting your base paint with either duraquil or future I then place my decals. After that I may or may not place another lite coat to protect the decals. Then I begin the weathering. The smooth coat helps the wash flow into the places you want it and not create alot of flow marks. If it does just wipe it off with a cloth or Q-tip. After you are done with all the weathering just apply a flat coat or two. Again the protectant coat allows you to clean up or remove any mistake in the weathering without harming the base coat.

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