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Hi all!
Have being busy working on the boat; it’s a lot of work and still a lot to do. The bridge detailing is almost done, just the magazine racks and seats to do. Here are the photos of my work…
The bridge walls molded doors are removed so the PH ones can be placed, the molded track for the rear door is also removed since the S-100 where hinged not slide type. New rivet details are added, plus the vent cover and life preserver bracket. The molded base for the interior seats are also removed to be replaced with new scratch builds ones.

The back wall of the chart room has all the details removed and rearranged as in Han-Ju boat

Here all details are gone

The ventilator is relocated and a cover made for it, also added two supports for the catwalk that goes over this area made from 2mm square x 13.5 long

The back wall of the wheel house has the molded door replaced with the PH one from Eduard plus other details

The wheel wall received new PH details, the throttle pedestal was cut from the wall, covered the hole and the top of the pedestal with styrene. The throttle assembly was made with a piece of aluminum tubing; the PH detail was glued around it. The pedestal is going to be placed back about 3/16 from the wall.
Molded details are removed

PH details added

The pedestal is removed

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