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Hi my friends, I’m back in business as the cast in my left arm is finally gone. Now I can move on with the build. In the last couple of week I received the rest of detail parts for the boat, deep charges, rivets from archer, guns from master, MGs 15 from CMK and 20mm and 3.7 mm shells
From RB

Guns and machine guns + ammo

The machine guns MG15 for the bridge sides

And the flak guns

Interesting resin rivets from archer in decal paper. Trim to size and apply like decals…

And the resin depth charges set from Cammett

Continuing with the twin 20 mm guns, I assembled the barrels, excellent detail on it

And installed it

I constructed the firing handle with bits from the parts box and styrene

Glued it in place, then I found looking at pictures of the gun that the harness is upside down, so I removed it, you need to cut and sand the connecting plastic and glue a piece of styrene rod on the opposite side. So now the longest part is on top

Should look like this

The twin gun is finished, the firing handle was removed and left aside till is time to fit the figure to the gun so I can position it in the hand of the figure, here is the gun finished

Some additional details on the side of the gun using spare PH parts and styrene, also the support for the sight shield was redone with a longer piece of PH carrier as it was too close to the sight
And also needed a couple of degrees of inclination

Now I’m moving to finish working on the 3.7 gun, so more coming soon
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