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Hello junior,
The best metal to use for that kind of work is usually brass. It is strong enough that it wont crumble when handled and is soft enough that you can cut it with a sharp knife. I usually use sheets from .005 to .01 inches (approx 0.1 mm) of thickness. They come in sheets and are not very expensive. I donít know in Europe, but I usually order my brass online at:
They also have a good selection of tools for modeling. I am sure there must be some similar store in Europe.

Another option for small details like brackets and thin parts you can use Aluminum from common soda drink cans. This works real good, and of course its easy to find.

For handles normal mild steel wire can work. A 0.5mm or 1.0 mm diameter wire is good for handles. A good place to find wires for this is at a flower shop. The use thin wires for holding flower arrangements and they sell them in packs.

For thinner details like wire, copper wire is best. A cheap way to find copper wire is an old radio, or some discarded electrical equipment that has some copper coils.

Just look around. Everyday we run across many materials that are useful for modeling. It's all a matter of paying a little attention.

Model On!



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