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Originally posted by Donovan@Feb 27 2006, 09:55 AM

Did you experience any trouble with the fit of the upper and lower hull at the front? My kit didn't exactly want to fit great in that area. Could have been just me but I notice in a couple of your pics a gap in the same area. I know this is still a dry fit (right) but it looks as though a little clamping might be in order there and I was just curious if the upper.lower hull and front plate all lined up OK for you.

Glad you went back and redid the dirt, it looked a little heavy, like something I would do

Well the top and bottom seemed to go together okay but there is a problem with the width of the front plate. It is too narrow to cover the two side pieces of armour at the front. The back end has a big gap on the underneath part. I really am not too motivated on this build- too small. I just want to get it finished I suppose. Now that the large pictures are showing a few minute gaps I suppose I may have to go back and fill them along the sides. The top is definitely permanently glued onto the bottom. I don't think I can really take this 1/72 stuff too seriously- the parts are all too chunky and out of scale for me... I don't mean to say I won't do more but I just can't seem to get as serious about it like I do with my 1/35th scale stuff. Not to devalue your passion for it- just different strokes I guess....


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