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Hello again,

With the Flak 38T near completion in regards to the construction side it has been stored in a plastic container free of dust and other particles that form up on the plastic. It is awaiting a 20mm metal barrel. Once this comes in I will get to work with test fitting the Soga gunner to the seat .

I have moved my attention over to commencing the Bussing nag with the bilstien crane and looking at what is in the box will be more challenging to work with than the tiger 2.
Reason : Way more fiddly parts which can be broken off and kid gloves is a must.

AFV club did a good job overall in replicating the Bussing Nag in detail.
This is not a model for a beginner. The parts are very fine and they will need extra care and attention when removing them from the sprue cage.
I use the No 11 Exacto to trim off the excess sprue indents on the plastic part and found the plastic to be a little soft on the chassis.
Early days so time will tell.

AFV Club added a nice touch by the inclusion of little bolt heads on the sprue cage. As below

Here is step1 and 2 done for the night.

More to follow on the truck, it's a beast


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