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So here is a update on the Dora work, sorry it takes so long between updates but the amount of work is immense, lots of hours making parts and soldering brass. I started working on the trunnions, this are the parts that holds the gun to the main carriage. I already glued in place the catwalks and original handrails some time ago before I went for the brass handrails, so I removed it and started to construct and add more details to the trunnions.
Here the original handrails

The upper and lower handrails come as a one part assembly

And the upper handrails

All removed and ready for the replacements

The upper handrail is made, please note the different pattern on the supporting rods, the original had a simplified pattern, after looking at the book photos and other builds I was able to figure the new pattern
Here the original rails are missing a couple of the support rods ends. Note the difference.

The upper handrails are assembled and the pattern is also changed as per the original photos. The small squares at the bottom of the support rods are 2mm by 2mm styrene square rod. The top of the original anchoring piece was cut as it was exactly the same diameter as the brass rods 1.5mm, so in order for the brass to fit I had to use the 2mm squares, this where drilled to size before gluing in place

Next using 1.5 styrene rod I constructed the lower catwalk supports, the lower catwalk hangs from the upper one by this tubes and also is attached to the side of the main carriage by steel beams. Again the pattern is different from the original.

The upper catwalk also received the supporting arms as seen on Herr Taube book, this where constructed with styrene T rod and squares of 2x4mm styrene

This area on the front of the trunnions is an access to the interior, it is a bolted hatch, after sanding smooth a styrene disk is cut, I detailed it with Verlinden bolts and glued it in place.

The trunnions storage boxes are replaced also, this are too thick and also the wrong shape, again thanks to the book photos I made the new parts from styrene card.
The original box

Replacement styrene parts ready to assemble

The new boxes

Next I removed the reinforcement triangles from the original boxes and glued to the new ones

Here the completed new boxes

Now the trunnions look like this with all the changes

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