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HI mi friends, here with the last update before presenting the finished model. The last details to the ship before its first mission. So here we go one last time…

The crew from Azimuth is great, excellent details; I used a couple of the figures from italery also
Here the flesh detail is painted followed by the uniforms.

I modified a little this figure from the italery set to be the driver

A figure from dragons communication set is used in the map room

The side markers lights are replaced with new ones made from styrene, a vacuum copy was made, then a piece of styrene is cut in half and the new glass is cut to shape and glued, two Styrene disks serve as bottom and top for the new lamps. A small piece of wire is used for the handle detail on top of the Edward PH part

The new side marker lamp painted and in place, sooo much better than the original

The steel angular between the kalotte and the front deck is made with angular styrene of 1.2mm

Ready to install
It looks like this now

Torpedoes are glued in place and the PH straps painted and installed

"Don't be afraid of the model,it's you the one holding the knife"

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