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time to get started.....

Still a bit confused on the engine compartment and why the stuff doesn't fit right so I thought I start in on the driver's compartment. The transmission is pretty nice as is and not much of it can be seen after assembly but I added a few bits. The final pieces can't be added until it's installed as it's a bit of a tight fit and I have to let the end pieces flex to get it to go between the hull sides. The visible gap you see in the pics is not really there as I used CA to fill it.

As for the rest of the compartment, I just added a few things that I thought might could be seen through the hatches. I can't really find any really good references for this so most of this is a mix of what references I do have along with images of what others have done with scratch details and the CMK and trumpeter interiors. Again, the kit is pretty good and a lot of this can't be seen but I thought the interior wall next to the driver really needed something to dress it up. Please feel free to point out any errors I've made as again, I'm working from very limited references on this part of the model. If something shouldn't be where I've put it or if something is missing alltogether, feel free to chime in. I know some of the more minute details have been omitted but very little if any of this will be visible anyway.

The basic engine assembly is finished but I havn't plumbed any of it yet as again, references are a bit skimpy. I'll get rolling on that soon but I need to formulate my strategy first. However, as you can see, the kit once again provides a very nice starting point. I do have a few references for the side of the enging with the intake so I think I'll be ok to detail it up a bit.

Not bad progress thus far but still a long way to go before I can think about painting the interior. I still havn't gotten in my aber update set so Havn't put in the driver's visor or the transmission access hatch. Started on scratching the driver's hatch cushions earlier today but that's going to take some work. Once all of that is done it's on to the engine bay.
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