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I've started working on the interior since I still don't have a few of the aftermarket items I ordered. I have run in to a couple of issues that hopefully some of you that have built this or maybe another of the 38t's may have encountered. First of all, the fuel tanks seem to be too tall. The air filter touches the tank when installed and there is a groove cut into the firewall/bulkhead where the tanks should go but they are too tall to fit. Maybe that's how it's designed to go together but it seems strange. Also, the engine touches the firewall/bulkhead when installed and actually pushes up against and bends it. On top of that, when the engine and transmission are installed, everything seems like it's binding because it's too tight. None of this is too big of a problem, I'll just have to exercise a bit of re-engineering. I'll get some pics up when the progress warrants it but besides the above issues, the detail is really nice. This is my first cyber-hobby kit and I must say that I'm impressed.
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