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Sd.Kfz.138 Marder III Ausf.M

This is my new project that I'm getting ready to start. The kit calls it an initial production version but in actuality it's pretty much just a mid/early as it has the external exhaust. The kit has a lot of extras and looks promissing. I will build this as a production vehicle and those external fuel tanks will be promptly discarded. The kit, as is the case with all of these new 38t variant dragon/cyber-hobby kits, has an interior and engine compartment. I do not have all of the parts in yet but they should be arriving over the next couple weeks. I will use the aber set for the tamiya kit, aber barrel, aber fenders, friul tracks and tamiya brass shells and maybe a few additional odds and ends. It's a small kit so I want to really try to do it up right. I do need some input from you guys while in the waiting stages. I have ample references for the exterior and fighting compartment from various surviving vehicles but the engine and driver's compartment are proving to be elusive. I do have in mind to leave the transmission cover, front hatch and engine bay open so I would like to add some extra details that are not in the kit (engine plumbing, electrical, etc.). That being said, I have not found any really good references for the interior of this thing other than interior pics of the 38t tank. If anyone has advice for interior and engine pics for a Marder III M I'd appreciate it. If I can't find anything, I'll just try to match the pics that I do have and hope it's close. Most of it will not be visible anyway so it's not that big of a deal, I just want to spruce it up a bit. In any event, I'll post some pics of all the goods when everything is in and accounted for and we'll be underway. If anyone has already built this kit, I'd love to hear your opinions and any problems you may have encountered. I plan to finish this with a small base and maybe a fig or two. In the interim, I Picked up the Osprey book by Sam Dwyer for inspiration while I wait (interesting read).

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