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The Business End.....

Ok guys, I've made some progress on the Marder but it seems really slow as I said before and this one's probably not the most exciting but here goes.....

This segment was devoted to the gun and shield assembly. I went with the armorscale barrel and it's really nice. The barrel comes with the strap that holds it down to the cradle which is a really nice touch that no other barrels have molded separately that I've ever seen. Muzzle break is on par with aber and the one piece breach is really nice with casting numbers included.

The only thing about these armorscale barrels that I've noticed (this is my second one) is that they aren't perfectly smooth from the lathing process. You can hold them up to the light and see the rings. This is easily sanded out but it's just something I've noticed about them. Anyway, beyond that, I spend most of the time making more of these vision block assemblies which are really a pain. I've made them so I can remove the blocks for painting but they are really a chore to put together.

One thing I've noticed is that this kit doesn't have the little box in the center above the gun, should it be there or is that a later feature?

I have moved on and started with the other side of the fighting compartment but not a great deal of progress to report there. The main issue I have is with the wiring of the radio. Seems like every one of these I look at is done differently! I have one period reference from a marder III M and I'm going to do it that way despite all the different variations I've seen. I did go ahead and put together the radio assemblies and managed to lose the antenna mount for the exterior wall The radio frame is the aber piece and it went together pretty well. I made the brackets in between the outer plate and inner frame from brass spares as the aber pieces are junk IMO. They are too complicated to actually make look like anything so I scrapped them in favor of something slightly simpler. I think it looks the part as is except for the handle on the radio coming out in the last pick! (it's always something)

Once I get some more progress on this side completed, I'll get up some more pics for you guys. I just can't get motivated to tackle that last rack of ammo but I'll get around to it. Anything to avoid the radio for a little longer. Oh yea, I did reverse the clamp on the mg as it was backwards.
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