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Well, progress is slow on this one. I'm trying to approach it as several different smaller kits (driver's bay, engine bay, gun assembly, left fighting compartment, right fighting compartment, exterior). I've notched a few of them off the list but many more left to complete. I've done some of the tedious work for a lot of the other parts just to break up working on one thing for too long so that should speed up future construction but my update for this post is the left side of the fighting compartment. No radio on that side so I decided to tackle it first. The vision block was a bit of a tester but I finally got it together, the other ones should be easier now. The ammo bins were thinned down considerably with a round file in order to fit the tamiya brass ammo rounds and they needed it anyway as they are really thick. The canvas covers are made from apoxie sculpt. I put them on all of the shell racks because on the other side I'm going to cover up the rear row completely with the canvas. I'm doing this for a few reasons...... but mostly because I'm running out of brass shells! They only give you like 14 rack shells to fill 27 racks so I needed to show some empties and cover some up? Anyway, it'll add a bit of interest and keep me from having to make 6 of those straps so I'm ok with it. This stuff is all a really tight fit in there and I still have to add the mask canister and seat and then the fire extinguisher to this side. It's all just laying in there now with no glue as I dont' want to glue anything until it's all test fitted and I may leave it all loose anyway for painting, having decided yet.

I went ahead and ordered that armorscale barrel and it should be in soon so I think I'll build the gun assembly and shield next before moving on to the right side. For some reason that radio scares me! I think it's more due to my lack of knowledge about it and good references but I'll get through it. If anyone has any great wiring diagrams that'd be awesome
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