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I have a small update for you guys. I keep finding small things in the front compartment that I want to change so just in the interest of not leaving anything out........ I made a small alteration to the seat. As I know the back of it can be seen through the hatch, I added a simple piece of styrene with holes in it and cut off the rear projection of the kit part (the super thick base part). The best I can figure, you can't actually see the kit part base so it's fine to leave as is but the rear part was visible before I cut it off and added this piece so I think it's a simple but effective addition.

It adds a lot to the look of the somewhat clunky seat IMO.

The next order of business was the engine compartment. My plan is to leave one side of the engine bay open and the other maybe only slightly cracked so you'll have very limited view in this area when it's all said and done. This started off with some deliberation as to how I could manage to add any wiring and other details and still be able to paint in there. The solution.... I decided to build a false floor that I could slide in and out. The engine mounts were cut out and I proceeded to insert the false floor and fit and glued in the fuel tanks and engine pieces. This way, in theory, I'll be able to work on the various assemblies in the compartment but will also be able to work on them in hand and can add some extra detail that would have been much harder otherwise. It fits in tightly but it will go in with some care.

Obviously some of the wiring and/or hoses attach to the firewall and these are just suspended until final assembly. I also want to point out that this is by no means a completely accurate engine compartment and some of the thing that I've added were from references of a rebuilt 38t which may or may not be original. Most of this will not be visible anyway but I wanted to spruce it us as best I could. Keep in mind that the rear firewall and radiator are still floating so it's not exactly in its final resting place. I'm not really sure what the tank is by the radiator unless it's some sort of coolant tank but it's there on the reference pics I have and also on the trumpeter kits so I figured I'd put one back in there. It's not shapped exactly as It's supposed to be but the part you can see when the radiator and overhanging gun platform are in place looks the part. I made this out of a spare panther rear stowage bin. I also added the filler neck to the radiator which is missing for some reason. Made that from part of a king tiger towing clevis. It's always fun to make something out of something else. For that reason alone, I have a big bag full of old spare parts. You can usually find something in the right shape if you look long enough. Just a little sanding and filing and there you go!

Only other update was to add the visor to the driver's hood. Finally broke into the Aber set. Not sure how much of it can be used with the CH kit but I imagine most of the fighting compartment bits and tool mounting hardware will be useful which I why I bought it anyway. I did notice that the Aber barrel is too short which kinda surprised me. At least an 1/8th of an inch if not more. I have an idea as to how to lengthen it but not sure how that will work out. Will have to tackle that one later. I think I'm ready to call the interior done on this. I'm not sure how far to go with the build before I go ahead and paint the interior but I have plently left to do while I think about it
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