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Originally Posted by sherman-vc View Post

I agree I don't want to turn this into a knocking thread ethier. I fact I think I will buy the Dragon kit now and build them both. I am disapointed with the price of the Tristar Kit and the lack of figure even though the box states that a figure is inclulded.

Panther F,

I don't think that the fact that the figure is not in the box is the fault of the hobby shop, and as far as pricing goes the online shops in Canada all seem to have it priced any where from $75 to $85 dollars.


I did some quick research on the web, I normally only buy accessories from the online shops, as most hobby shops in Edmonton don't carry a lot of photo etch, figures, track sets, etc. You are correct the kit is about the same price from Lucky Hobby. The Dragon kits are within a couple of bucks to what there sell for in the hobby shops here in Canada (when you include shipping). In the past I have tried to buy kits at my locale hobby shop. Guess its time to re think that.

Thanks for the information you have posted it will be helpful when I get back home and start on this kit.
No one said it was the hobby store's fault. But if the box states something is in the box, and it's not, you shouldn't take the hit. If you bought speakers from a stereo shop and the box stated there were grill covers included and after opening them you found they were not, you will take them back.

So much for not turning this into a "knocking thread".
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