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I seem to remember when this kit was announced that shortly afterwards a slightly different boxart image was shown, so that may be where the figure part came into it. Certainly looking on Tristars shop site the image of the boxart does indeed say figure included down in small lettering on the right hand lower black area, but it's widely known that one is not included.
Click on Injection Kits, then Tristar logo to get their page, then when page opens click on image to get a bigger version.

As James has stated he doesn't want this to turn into a knocking thread but curious about how Tristar's concept to show the armour thickness etc works out from a practical build point of view.

I'd say looking at the images provided by Lawrence, not as easy as putting a one piece section on the chassis but nothing that shouldn't beyond the capabilities of anyone who regards themselves as a model maker.

I'd be happy building either and surely it makes a nice change to see and try a different approach by another manufacturer to assembling a kit.


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