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Thank you, Ralph

So, moving on with my LVT.

I added driver's visor lever to the cab and two styrene hooks to the front edge of the roof to hold it down. So I'm finally ready to paint it and be over with interior part of the build. The first paint also reveals, how the hatch surgery went, so I hardly can wait for it.

I oxidized the inner sides of the fenders using Ammo's Photoetch Burnishing Fluid. The idea is that the paint on the edge is likely to wear off while moving roof on and off all the time. Oxide keeps it dark and is more durable than paint.

I completed both tracks as well. These are aftermarket AFV Club plastic tracks and they're very delicate and accurate. Only problem with these was that even though AFV Club had several spare links in the box, there were exact amount of linking pins, and as I lost one of those, I had one short to finish the tracks. I tried to contact with AFV Club and their European retailer, but with no result, so the easiest thing to do was to clone the missing pin myself.

I also added front additional armor plate and reproduced front mooring bollards using 0.8mm brass tube.

That's it for now.

Til' the next time,
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