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Hey Jacob,

Nice work! This is moving along fast!... That's what I love about 1/72 nd scale builds.

There is one observation tho, there were two different commander's cupolas fitted to the Ausf E. The early ausf Es had a cupola that was roughly cylindrical and the hatch opened vertically. This is how you depicted the hatch. (See below).

The late version of the ausf E had a different cupola. On these the hatch opened sideways (see image below). This is the cupola on your model.

I would try and fix that. The other suggestion is to "blank" the engine grills. What I mean by this is, since the model has no engine, to put a piece of plastic painted black under the engine grills to prevent seen all the way to the floor of the engine compartment. This makes the model look way better than staring into an empty engine bay.



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