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1/20 Arvus dropship(Warhammer craft upscaled)

Hey guys. I am just new here. I am working on a large scale scratchbuild recreation of a warhammer Arvus Lighter dropship. I know it's a very hypothetical craft, but i usually do scifi stuff anyway.
I have always liked the craft, and have been working on the build for about 6 weeks give or take. The original design is a gaming model kit in resin from forgeworld, and is about the size of a can of coke(Note the size of the little pots of paint in the background). I wanted a far larger version, hence this build.
Item is going to be fully lit and weathered eventually. I won't flood this post with the 400 images i have of the build(I like to take pics at every stage), but will post 6 images of the current state(Plus the youtube vids of the lighting rigs turned on), and if anyone wants to check out the thumbnails in my Photobucket gallery to see every step of the way, then the gallery is here. You can get the full flavour by just looking at the gallery without clicking the images if time is an issue.
Pics first then the vids. I understand this subject might not be everyone's cup of tea, but comments are very much welcomed on the build. Especially if there are any details which look like they might be out of place.

Youtube vids of the lights turned on:
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