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The reworked hatch area. I redid the texture with Tamiya Surface Prep., so you you don't see all the sanding and filling I had to do after removing the swinging hatch assembly. I'm not completely happy with the way the re-done zimmerit turned out, but will work around it. . .

Click image for larger version

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More work on the forward part of the monster with some weld beads. I would have done this anyway, but almost didn't have a choice given the poor fit of this part around the front.

Click image for larger version

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The driver's periscope cover. The way you see it here was before a significant amount of solder cleanup.

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My Friul tracks finally arrived on Friday (a long story I won't get into here) and I got started on the seemingly endless task of boring them out and cleaning them up.

Click image for larger version

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Thanks for checking in!

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