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There is an update to this project. I have used lot of time to this but not much results to be seen.

New floor is made of Eduard PE panel. Panel lines are drawn, not actually cut. Lazy me!

Most time consuming parts so far, side bins and 6 of them. In pic is shown only two, one fully soldered and other unfinished one. As I said earlier, hinges are missing so those have to be added if hatch is to be shown open.

Royal model seats with some parts added. These looked so nice so I left PE stuff for another project.

As DML is missing a feature, I wanted to add that. Feature is lip of upper hull over lower hull side. I have sanded and sanded and sanded lower hull sides to get them thinner. This pic doesn't show it but I have managed to sand enough. I ran into trouble with rear part. More of that later.

Roof part with added details. One part got loose so that must be added.

This was a small update but more to follow next week. Looks like camera I'm using is not suitable for macro pics. Most of the details can't be seen from pics.

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