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Originally Posted by toby2282 View Post

I have the Italeri Sdkfz 10/5 and wish to change the 20mm Flak gun with the Tristar 20mm FlaK 38 Late version and then add the ammo trailer to the rear. Can anyone tell me if the mounting points are the same for the Italeri weapon or would they be different for the FlaK 38?

Many thanks

Toby Knight
Hi Toby,

Funny you ask this question, I was thinking of doing the same thing a month ago, then it fizzled out...the mounting points look the same to me but I don't have the Tristar Flak to compare but looking at photos on-line I think the Tristar would fit, it's very well detailed. They're basically the same weapon...the shield is different on the Flak 30.

There's a review of the sdkfz 10/4 vehicle with the Flak 30 on the PMMS web site. If you go to the Tristar section, there's a comparison between the Italeri, Dragon, Tamiya and Tristar Flak 38 kits....the dimensions are pretty close between Tristar and Italeri. I think the 10/5 uses the same Flak kit.

The kit's the same except for the Armored Cab and Flak 38 on the 10/5....the platforms are identical with the same mounting points and the Tristar kit has the same base as the Italeri kit.

You might be able to scratch build the platform if the Tristar kit doesn't fit?

Let me know if you need any further help....keep us posted, I'd be very interested to see this upgrade...!

Only issue I had with the Italeri kit is the tracks, they don't look too accurate but if you had a spare set of Dragon 250 tracks they might work, they both shared the same chassis...

Hope this helps...Paul

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