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Originally Posted by Mark S. Pryor View Post
Dear Marcos,

As with all your works WOW!
Thanks for the SBS.
I have a few questions;
1- were the cables on the rear hull an addition or were they on a RAM tank?
2- What are the small box like structures just outside the rear tow cables?
3- And finally, what was the purpose of the RAM tanks?
Mark, cheers...

I will invert the order of the answers, to be clearer...

3 - the Ram tanks are a development of M3 Lee and Sherman, done in Canada. Production diversification and it helps in the war effort. The Ram OP (Observation Post) were tanks without main armament (the gun was false) and with more communication radios. Here is the reason of the racks with phone threads in the back of the tank

1- All the Ram OP used the phone cables in the back. But only OP!!!

2- They are air intakes, in the superior and back portion of the hulls.

If you want to know more on these machines, this site is fantastic:

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