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Talking Ram Mk II OP - Formations Models Conversion kit - 1/35 scale

Well, Guys...

This is my new project:
Ram Mk II OP

My kit was made by Formations Models, in 1/35 scale...represents this specific beast:

I love the British Commonwealth tanks and the Ram itīs one of my favorites...

Well...the kit is this:
F062 Ram II OP Conversion

plus this parts:
Three piece transmission cover plus Riveted Sherman lower hull:

The riveted lower hull is super...

As the tranny-cover, with awesome casting-numbers...

And talking about fidelity, I was simply amazed with quality of details and finish of the Formationīs kit...

FANTASTIC!!! This is the definition!!!

Well, letīs go:

The kit recommends the use the Tamiyaīs M4, but as I have the Formationīs tranny-cover and lower hull, I will save one kit.
The instructions recommends the M4 Tamiya's bogies with Formations parts, but I used some bogies of my spare parts box. The M4A1 Dragonīs kit 6048 bogies ( I buy the M3 Lee style bogies, to build my M4A1 as early type) are exact the one of the Ram Mk II, without needing to use the Formations bogie resin parts:

The bogies under construction:

Time to build the hull:

Minor adjusts and filler...

Well...End of the 1st chapter...
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