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Dora 1/35 Scale

Even though this is a V-bench, it will only be a starting post at present. I thought this model would be of interest to you guys as there are not that many Dora's out there. I have been captivated and my modelling interests sparked up, by the recent expeditions into 1/35 scale military rail subjects from the new China based companies. I think it's great that they are willing to create these subjects that were unthinkable [and unaffordable] 10 years ago.
I won't be starting this for a little while yet as I have a BR52 to finish as well as having to clean up my back room in the house so as I can have an area to start it and leave it set up as I build. I do have an old solid wooden door that I have been saving as a base, for a model such as this.
3000 parts
26kg including the box.


After looking through the parts my one disappointment is that there are no decals, even though the gun and carriage are covered in labels and spec markings , instructions etc. I hope Cartograph or some other company will be doing a decal sheet for it. If any of you know of a set please post it here.
The overall level of detail is great, though I am still unsure as to whether the railings are overscaled; i will check this out against more reference photos. This will be a visual extravaganza once built and all the extra crew and other details should help to create a great visual scene to enjoy for many years to come.
I have taken a few photos of bits and pieces but I didn't unpack everything as it is one of those kits that once you unpack it you can't get ALL the bits back in.
The whole model is moulded in black plastic and contains some photo-etching as well as metal rail track and various bits and pieces such as ropes etc.
I have taken some comparison shots for size as I think this is the main point of interest when you first see this kit.
above are the side superstructure supports that are moulded in thick plastic and appear to be correctly scaled and contibute to the overall heaviness of the kit, as do all the superstructure parts and the thick base supplied.
Above are the boxes with the forward barrel section, without the pivot section and the breach, which adds about another 10 inches. The white folded out piece is the cardboard folder that holds the photo etching for the carriage pieces. Threre are another 3 boxes underneath the ones you see here.
Below is the forward barrel section compared against an assembled Karl Geraet in the same scale.
Below is the pivot section that sits on the rear of the main barrel piece, compared with a 1/35 tiger.

and here is one of the side superstructure pieces compared with my Karl. Notice the size of the kubel wagon and the crouching dragon figure on top.

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