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World of Warplanes is a can of trash compared to WT, but then World of Tanks is a much better tank game.
I could go on about why or how for pages and ages, but I'll just stick to saying: the aircraft part of WT is almost completely fine (what you'd expect from the company that made Il-2), but the ground forces are not up to par. I have been a closed beta tester for ground forces, and let me tell you: between the last time I played on the test server (one week before release) and release to open beta, the ground forces element has been raped by an "open closed beta" (whatever the hell that means), where approximately 100k players got to play the thing and killed the balance that 1500 testers' hard work has established, because the germans were outnumbering russians 20:1 (germoney stronk, must play), so that of course completely killed the numbers.

@Dan: Waiting times are not that bad, only if you want to play simulator (full real) battles.

For a tank game, World of Tanks is much better, because of the tiering and the relative creative freedom to add balancing parameters. WarThunder wants to achieve a maximum of historical accuracy (somehow still seems strongly biased towards russians, lol), only their game mechanics are much too complicated for enjoyable gameplay, especially in realistic and simulator battles.
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