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I have been a long time reader, but now finally took up the courage to post something. As you can see my name is Siim and I live in Estonia. I am 15 years old (will be 16 in may) so i guess im the youngest member here. I have been modelling for about 3 years now. I started with 1:72 tanks and planes, mainly german tanks. I have built three 1:570 ships too. About 1,5 years into the hobby I found for myself 1:35 tanks. :lol: Never again will i turn back to 1:72! I build on weekdays and weekends. Mainly I do german WW II armor and occasionally some russian armor.
My modelling budget is kind of limited due to the allowance being kind a small :angry: but I do my best to save and then buy some kits.
I will apply for a workbench when I will get some pictures done.(using my friends camera)

Happy modelling!
Siim S.
New Estonian modelling site:

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