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I will introduce myself also even thou I have joined Sept'04 already. I have number 302, would really liked 313 but you can't always win.
My family is wife and two sons ages 2 and 7. This limits my modelling hours to 9 PM to 3 AM. I guess that is one reason why I tend to jump from project to another. I have currently about 40 projects in various stages some waiting just finishing touches. I try to finish at least 15 projects this year
Main interest are tanks in 35 and 72 scale. Nationality doesn't matter that much as long as subject is interesting. Well, ok German tanks I have to admit. I also build planes so I'm a cross-builder.
In the last two years I have sold most of my collection, hundreds of models and really tried to build and PAINT models. Well, not that succesful on that yet but it's been quite liberating to sell some "will build that model one day"-projects. Added bonus is that there is more room for new models :lol:
Good thing about PA is, as SamD mentoined, VBench where your build doesn't hide beyond multiple pages. I've been quite lazy to update pages lately but one day I put some updates, too.
I've gotten lot of inspiration from many builds here. Especially James T. has inspired to try out soldering etc. in my builds.
Looking forward to see new members projects here,

Niko A.
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