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Hello to every one
I finally got my son to set up a web page for me and here are some scratch built projects that I am working on and off when I get time to work on them, some of them have been updated. Any constructive comment is welcomed.
I'm still looking for.
-the rear idlers from the M8A1 for my M44 APC project if any one has replaced theirs with the AFV club suspension.
-detailed pictures of the LVT-5 modified top view and rear view.
-detailed pictures of the LVTP5-E1 with the mine plow, I got a good start on this one but need detailed pictures of the mine plow.
Pictures of these two vehicles are hard to find.
And mostly I want to thank every one that gave me any help in locating pictures for my projects, with out their help some of these projects would not be on this web page.
Thank you again
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