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Hi to all, more work on the elevators area on Dora has being done. This time the elevator motors are fixed.
First the pulleys are made, here are the half’s of the pulleys in and out sides

I started by removing the molded wheel on both halves

Here you can see the removed area, the inside must be completely flat for the replacement wheel to work

After removing the molded wheels I sanded all the molded on bolts on both sides

Here are the measurements for the new wheels, 8 disks of .80 x 15.5mm in diameter
And 4 .80 x 12.3mm disks

You just glue one of the smaller disks between two of the bigger disks to form a wheel

Side view of one of the new wheels

The shaft for the wheels is made with a piece of 1.7 x 14.1mm long styrene tube

To keep the right distance between the wheels I made 6 spacers with a 4mm diameter rod
.60mm wide

Here is the sequence of the parts, after making the .60 dia hole on each halve the rod is push through, a spacer first then a wheel another spacer etc.

The wheels in place

With that step done I removed the original hook on each pulley

The new hook is made with 1.6mm styrene sheet, the hook is 14mm long x 8.8mm wide

Here the drawing says 18mm long but I changed it to 14mm after checking the measurements

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