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The final modification to the elevators rails is the end looking bar, this holds
The two rails in place, when removed it allows the rails to be opened to disengage
the elevator platform.

16mm are cut from the bottom of Each rail

This is the rail locking bar hook, itís on the end of the rail

Here are the measurements for it

The four pieces are made and glued 10mm from the bottom edge of the rail

Finally the bars are constructed using a 56mm long x 1.75mm dia. styrene rod
With one .40 x 4mm dia. styrene disk at each end

Here a couple of photos showing the finished rails

On this photos you can see the elevator disengaged form the rail
And being aligned with the ammo car

On this photo the elevator is aligned with the elevator rail and the men
Are placing the looking bar in place before moving the elevator up

Many details missing from the kit and many simplifications
Thatís it for now, working on the elevator platforms for one last

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