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4 pieces are glued to each rail

The styrene pieces are glued flush to the flat side of the rail

This are the measurements for the hinges pieces made again from
1.5 styrene sheet

You need 24 3mm x 7mm pieces for the 4 rails

One of the ends of each piece is sanded round

2 pieces are glued to each side of the short rail

Next this are sanded at an angle to look like this

one piece is glued to each side of the long rail to form the hinge
pivot area

The hinge pin is made with a .80 brass rod

Now the lift eye is made with the 1.5mm styrene sheet

4 pieces measuring 10mm x 12mm are cut

Now I marked 5mm on the 12mm side and 2mm on the 10mm side
And draw a line from point to point

After the cut it looks like this

The edge is then sanded round

A 9/64 hole is drilled on each and the piece is glued in place

Here you can see the movement of the hinge to the outside to allow the
Elevator to disengage and be aligned with the ammo car

More drawings with all the measurements
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