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Well I'm not an electical /solder expert..some of the other here may be able to shed a more technical light upon the matter..but this is what I'm using, and it seems to work for me.

I have a inexpensive soldering iron 30watt no regulator, which I purchased for about $12. It came with a tip, fairly large diameter which I have used for most of my work (until recently), including the (MY) work shown on the photo's on the first page of this SBS. The solder and flux were also purchased at the same mass-merchandiser's hardware department.

I recently have purchased a "finer" tip for the soldering iron at Radio Shack after seeing Fletcher's arsenal at the begining of this thread...Tip Envey...that helped.

Batteries....unless you are using rechargable (which are not inexpensive) this will become expensive...



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