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dragon stug iv issues

Hello and good day, I am currently in the process of hacking to pieces a dragon stug iv mid, to try and correct some of its accuracy problems. The main issue in my eyes the sheet of (plastic) steel on the hull roof that fills the gap between the glacis and the casemate, on the real vehicle the casemate sits on top of this (with a definite step up) and is not one single piece as dragon have portrayed it. What I really would like to know is, what is the real thickness of this plate and the shims that the casemate sits on?. I have looked at various pics and estimate it at between 30-40mm, but maybe some of you lucky modellers in Poland have had the chance to run a tape-measure over one of the two stug iv's that you have over there, and it would be nice to know for sure. Also the drivers casemate extension looks to be wrong, but I think the drawing in panzetracts look more accurate so I may scratch a new one to these dimensions. But again if someone knows the real dimensions this would be brilliant, as even panzertracts are sometimes a bit off. Many thanks ,Daniel.
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