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canjuaan 09-10-2007 05:33 AM

Sd. Kfz. 184 Elefant, Italy 1944
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Hello everyone,

as I promised, here's my first workbench blog for PlanetArmor. It's also shown on my German 'home-forum' so don't be surprised that sometimes there are German words in the pictures ;) I'll explain it also in English then but will further try to keep it as neutral as possible.
There will be a lot of first times during the build, first time soldering, first diorama at all, first Allied figures, first self-made Zimmerit, first interior and at the same time first bigger work with resin...
Be aware that this blog will be a long time thing because I'm a slow modeller and will not have too much time for my hobby from October on. So there's a good possibility of no progress for weeks or even months before it goes on ;)

Here's what I got for the build. #6312 Elefant Premium Edition
-ABER #35123 Elefant PE
-ABER #35124 Ferdinand / Elefant fenders PE
-ABER #35L14 88 mm gun barrel for Ferdinand / Elefant
-Voyager #35024 Elefant PE (no good PE but it was so cheap)
-Schatton-Modellbau #3528 German 2m turned brass antenna
-Tamiya / Voyager Zimmerit tool (I'm going to use Voyager's)
-Verlinden #2251 Elefant interior (poor quality!)
-Modelkasten #SK-66 workable tracks (they are great!)
-Karaya #TCR02 towing cables (don't know if I really need them or if the cables provided in the DML will do just fine)
-Zimmerit in tube form ;) (it's both acrylic putty but I probably have to use 2k-putty because the acrylic putty looses much structure in the drying process)
These fellas will put some action to the scene! Don't know if I'm really going to use both medics. The guys with the .30 cal from the DML set will be used for sure as surpressing fire team whilst the other Americans cross a street or prepare to do so or also put some fire on the Krauts :)
There could be even more figures from two DML sets, but we'll see. Nothing is for sure yet and must first be looked at, not that the dio is overcrowed when finished.
The figures will receive Hornet heads (the DMLs only, of course). Also I've ordered an armorscale .30 cal barrel (I know it's not absolutely correct but it was the cheapest and not many people will even realize the barrel length issue, I guess) and need to get some Archer US divisional insignias etc. (what would be right for an Italian scenario? I'd like to do 101st, 82nd or 1st ID Big Red One but have no idea about this. I was already told that there weren't too many Americans involved in the Italian campaign after the beachheads were established but mostly commonwealth troops, but now that I got all the Americans I wanna use them).

Here's a little sketch for of what I imagine. It's 1024*768 resolution.
On the left we got a little rill and embankment where probably a tree will also be placed. There's also a small pedestrian bridge over the rill which will end at 3/4 because of the diorama rim. This is also the place where some GIs are waiting for their go to reach the other side of the street. The street will be very dusty and will narrow towards the tree. Not sure whether the soldiers will run to the back of the k.o.ed Elefant or not. In the first house there'll be the Nemrod medic treating the wounded GI. The second house is positioned in another angle to the street so that it looks more lifelike. It will be made of natural stone, the first of - don't know yet. The .30 cal mg team will be laying in front or at the side of the Elefant, having just a little cover from debris of the houses which are a little more or less damaged.
What do you think of this? Is it too unrealistic? You have to know I rather build my stuff like I want because that's more fun to me than try to build as historical correct as possible (though I really admire the people who do so). As long as the general historic requirements are met (I wouldn't put a panzer grey Elefant to Poland 1939, for example) I feel okay. What do you think?

Much hasn't happened since the sketch...
The boogies are completed.
The dry-fit of the Verlinden interior.
1) Verlinden provides no info on where to glue the floor. The only help you get is from the packshot but it's too tiny to see the position. I'm also not sure if there was no anti-skid plates at all on the floor of the fighting compartment, I can hardly believe this. If anybody has info on that, let me please know.
2) Poor fit, later more on that.
3) Driver's and radio operator's compartment are not too bad.
The interior is about 1,5mm short both sides. That's a real let-down. As I got to know recently, this "new" Verlinden kit for the DML Elefant / Ferdinand is just the old one for the Italeri model, relabeled. Thank God Italeri's attempt was not too bad. But it's a bad idea by Verlinden to do so and even charge 52€ for it - they just lost themselves a customer. The interior also seems to be simplified.
Okay, upper pic. Don't know what went wrong here, but the inner toothed ring is mating part B14. It's not unmovable, though, bit I just want to know what's wrong here. Do you have an idea? It looks not wrong to the instructions...
Lower picture shows my first soldering attempt. I think the result is quite okay. It's very big part I have to admit but I didn't think it would turn out this well.

So that's it for the moment, I appreciate any comment and especially pictures of the interior if there are any available - didn't found anything through google ;(

And as I said, it may take a while for the next update :p

Greetings from Germany,

Flak 09-10-2007 07:35 AM

Hi Johannes,

Wow...there are lot of after market stuff you are going to build :) Nice start and can't wait next update...

canjuaan 09-10-2007 10:33 AM

Hi Marco,

yes, it's quite a lot. I hope I can handle it all well. The interior will be the biggest problem.

Here's a very little update.

I put on a little Zimmerit on the tool box. I'll stick with the acrylic putty, I decided now. Although it looses structure and looks better when still a little wet, the primer (Tamiya Surfacer Super Fine Light Grey spray can) shows that it's good. With all the paint it will even look better.

I should have pressed the "X" in before I added the Zimmerit because the tool box cover has now a light bulge which can't be treated without destryoing the Zim, but it's not too bad because it's not a big one and the box will be open. So it does not need to line up with the actual box.
The sprocket is just to show you guys how big or small the Zimmerit stripes are.


holmerz 09-10-2007 01:57 PM

Holy moly :eek: that's a lot of stuff going into one build. But it's going to be exciting to follow :). I'm currently building the DML Elefant myself. Regarding the B14 and B15 parts I'm not sure what you mean excactly. Is it the "mud remover" thingy that's touching the inner part of the sprocket wheel? The position of the part (can't remember the part number) that the sprocket wheel is located on is adjusable, hence the position of the sprocket wheel is too. This is only usefull to you if you haven't glued this before amentioned part in place.


Panzergrenadier 09-10-2007 04:31 PM

Wow, so much stuff for one build, but as Erik already said, it will be a real ''killer'' when finished. Everything seems to be logical in the story and the setting seems to be a good one.

About the interior, the problem is a nasty one especially if you expect to get a 100% fitting kit for that kind of money. Hope you are able to sort it out.

Soldering, it is looking good also. As a beginner in soldering myself, I know what you must feel, the first soldered item makes you feel so proud.:)

Zimmerit, couldn't have done it better!

Well, enough said, looking forward to the updates when ever they might come, they are always welcome here.;)


tamigawa 09-10-2007 09:43 PM

Lots of AM :D

veeeery good :thumb:

Larry Bates 09-11-2007 09:15 AM


That's quite an ambitious project! And alot of AM stuff! :thumb:

I will keep watching, please keep us updated as much as possible. :D


Driver 09-11-2007 12:01 PM

This looks like the beginning of a very interesting thread, Keep the posts coming!

Fledermaus 09-11-2007 07:03 PM

Hi Johannes!!

I’m into this same project soon; I also have the verlinden set and zimmerit for my elefant.

Here I have some photos from the Excellent Spielberger book Heavy Jagpanzer and also from Wydawnictwo Militaria Ferdinand/Elefant.

This is another photo of the tow cable Rubber sleeve

The following are interior photos and a side view drawing
First photo is the generator and cooling room
Second photo and third photos are under the gun area

<snip copy right holder asked for removal>

Another look under the gun, part of the floor plates are missing, you can see one of the cylinder heads missing it valve cover.
Second photo is damaged cooling system space

<snip copy right holder asked for removal>

First photo is the loaders hatch
Next photos are ammo racks at the rear left area

<snip copy right holder asked for removal>

More ammo racks this are in the right rear area

<snip copy right holder asked for removal>

Here you can see one engine with its generator attached

<snip copy right holder asked for removal>

The two electric motors on the rear of the tank
<snip copy right holder asked for removal>
Exploded view of the interior

Hope this can be of any help!!!

Panzergrenadier 09-12-2007 02:13 PM

Abdin, even if I will not use this material, it is really very interesting, thank you for posting it!:thumb:

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