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Atckyrre 09-19-2007 05:35 AM

Knock knock who's there - PzIV diorama
For those that hang over on Armorama you may have seen this before but in any case I thought I'd continue here since I now have my own little virtual bench in this cyber hobbyroom.
That means what follows initally is very much regurgitation of what's written before. But that's simply to bring the blog up to date.
Here goes:

My main interest up until now has been aircraft but secretly I've been adding some tanks and figures to my collection. This really didn't catch on properly until armour started appearing by the numbers in 1:48. Perfect. You can combine it with aircraft if you want and also one might not have to be so detailed as in 1:35. In theory.
Anyroads, I'm a big fan of the After the Battle series. And looking through the Falaise pocket issue this picture caught my eye.
This is what it looked like in the '70s:

I ended up tweaking the pic in photoshop to get the proportions right,

then I drew various coloured rectangles on top of the pic to establish what kinds of plasticard and strips that would be needed for the house. At the time I thought the shop was "L'Arconnerie", which apparently should be a saddlemaker, but this was soon pointed out to in fact be a shoe-shop. Cordonnerie. So much for my French. :p
I printed the sketch out in 1:48 scale and then proceeded to assemble various plastic strips and OO scale walls on top of the paper.

And here's what I ended up with:

Atckyrre 09-19-2007 05:36 AM

Moving on to the tank itself there has been several discussions whether this is an H or a J. None of the really distinguishabel features are showing so from the experts I've heard that it could be this or that. I opt for the J since that means I can use the 1:48 Tamiya kit OOB. Well, I got the Voyager set for it which lead to a Turm Schürtzen Zimmerit discussion but I've settled that by adding the zimmerit already. A decision was needed. A few more in progress pics:

Gizmology. Say goodbye to an old Tamiya 1:35 Harley Davidson:

A feel of what the dio's going to look like.

It will be a very simple one, with just a couple of figures added. I was a bit worried about the position of the tank itself but then this picture appeared over on M-L. Not sure of the source.

After this I've added some PE zimmerit and other stuff. Drilled out all the holes in the track guide teeth.

Atckyrre 09-19-2007 05:38 AM

Found some letters for the "R GRIMBERT" below "Cordonnerie"

And a pic for size.

Atckyrre 09-19-2007 05:41 AM

Some pics of the tank where it's at now. Waiting for some more pastels and a flat coat.

Right. Posts from now will be current.

FAUST 09-19-2007 06:00 AM

Ola Atckyrre

I have been following this project of yours on another forum and I have to say that I really like what you are doing. Execution so far is very good. Ingenious way to pimp the turretinterior of the Panzer IV. Accurate or not it looks convincing.
I also like the building you made and I have a question... Looking at the pic with the Grimbert lettering. The letters that you used... Are they PE lettering or are those of these sheets with letter stickers used for homemade birthday cards? I can't quite make it out from the pics... I personally think the latter. If so then that is quite a good idea.. something I have never thought about.

Looking great so far and am looking forward to the endresult

With friendly greetz

Robert Blokker

Atckyrre 09-19-2007 06:17 AM

Thanks Robert,

The letters are from one of those birthday card sheets. Round here socalled "scrapbooking" has become very popular and so if you go to a well-stocked scrap-book shops they're bound to carry some.
I just recently found these and my local shop is actually carrying several sizes. Which means I can make whatever relief sign I like.
The guy owning the shop is getting used to me leaving the Revell shelves (yes, a very nice scrap-book shop) and snooping around the other shelves for goodies. Some wire here, some doll's eyes there... my drawers are filling up with lots of un-manly stuff.
This in addition to the H&M Nail polishing files. Who said it's a masculine hobby? :p

FAUST 09-19-2007 01:02 PM

Ola Atckyrre

Yeah that was probably the word I was looking for but I actually didn't know it was called Scrapbooking. I have some of those shops around where I live so when I visit town I will get meself some of those sheets. Very clever.
And as for buying the unmanly stuff... I am famous for it... everywhere I go I tend to look for stuff that somehow can be used in the hobby.

RickLawler 09-19-2007 01:33 PM

What a great scene...great work on the building. Yep, that un-manly stuff sure is handy sometimes.


grumlyy 09-21-2007 09:11 AM

You have done a great job on your PZIV.
for the house, I think that "cordonnerie" is the right word. It's a shop where you can bring damaged shoes to be repair


simon s 09-21-2007 09:17 AM

I've got a book (cant remember which at the moment) with that photo in and I allways thought that it would make a great model. glad to see that I'm not the only one who thought so. Good work, looking forward too seeing the rest.

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