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Sergionex 11-23-2007 05:48 PM

Panzer IV wreck from MiG Productions

Here is my interpretation of panzer IV wreck from MiG. It is not finished yet. I must paint the tracks and blend it in to the groundwork. I hope to finish it before the Christmas...
Best regards!

Plushy 11-23-2007 07:40 PM

Excellent Work Sergionix the weathering and fire damage are spot on i look forward to seeing this on a base with groundwork

Flak 11-23-2007 09:11 PM


Driver 11-23-2007 09:30 PM

You certainly brought to life that piece of resin, excellent work!!


james84 11-24-2007 12:44 PM


Sergionex 02-09-2008 03:43 AM


It's time to finish this project! Some minor corrections of the overall appearance of the wreck:

Making a tree for the diorama: Backyard branches, see weed foam, magic sculpt and a wire.

The base groundwork:

The diorama base after the painting process and during the work with the dead leafs:

Any questions and comments are welcome!
Best regards!


Striker 02-09-2008 07:01 AM

Amazing Work

Gopher 02-09-2008 11:16 AM

absolutly amazing!

MikkoH 02-09-2008 01:27 PM

I love this one! Excellent!

panzerjager 02-09-2008 03:04 PM

Awesome work!!!!! Its really looks like a burning out vehicle!!!!!


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