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MikkoH 02-09-2008 10:51 AM

Three colour camo in -42??
Hi folks!

Achtung panzer no.2 PzIII book on page 48 upper pic. Theres in upper pic a PzIII ausf L or J late of 116th panzer bat, 16th I.D.(mot)Russia 1942. To my eyes there are three camo colours in it?! panzergrau, green? and sand? I had to take another opinion and my modeller friend came to same conclusion. Anybody else noticed this one?? The same panzer seems to be in concord 7034 panzer-Division (2) The eastern front 1941-1943 on page 27 lower pic at different angle. Any help would be great cause want to make this one. Thanks.

Kreighshoer 02-09-2008 11:34 AM

like this one mikko?

this is my alltime camo favorite :) but i tend to share bruce culver's theory that camo like this appeared in 1943 and that the crews used the old grey color as a base for camo with the new ordered color ... if i am wrong i gladly will accept any correction :)

here's just another panzer3 with yellow overspray on the grey original color:

all pictures taken from: culver, bruce and bill murphy: panzer colors - camouflage of the german panzer forces 1939-1945. - carrollton: squadron/sidnal publications, 1978 - illustrated by don greer ... for discussion purpose only!


MikkoH 02-09-2008 12:32 PM

No Laura. That is also very intresting scheme and I agree that it's -43 scheme. I meant this one:
from Achtung Panzer
from Concorde

In my opinion those are from same vehicle. Look at colour lines, positions of crew and so on. If some of our russian friends could help out where those pics are taken. Look at front of hull and mud guard flaps. Theres three diffrent colours!

Panzergrenadier 02-09-2008 12:40 PM

I'm seeing only two colors...:confused: Might this be another tropen scheme over spray like the Pz IV F2 camo issue?

MikkoH 02-09-2008 01:20 PM

Sorry pic is so small but I see there one very light colour one dark and one between em. Anybody has that Achtung panzer?

MikkoH 02-09-2008 03:03 PM

I mean like this.

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