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Eddy 12-12-2012 03:38 AM

8.8cm FlaK 18 Selbstfahrlafette
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A few months agoo I started with the 88 FLAk 18 selbstfahrlafette from Trumpeter. After reading some reviews I though it should be a peace of cake, right out the box, but when I did some research and compared it with photo's of the real thing I found that there was a lot to change.
first of all, Trumpeter made curved side plates of the drivers housing while they should be straight.
They also forgot the triangle reinforcements on the front of them.
Further, all the plates they used are to thick and when you make them thinner they are to small, so the side plates of the motor compartment where made larger and the hood was made of copper

The main gun in the box is a beauty but with to much detail; The 88 on the real thing was actually a PAK that means that all the devices of the FLAK gun were removed and only the direct visor was kept, also instead of 1 hand wheel there were 2 on the same station. The main adaption was on the recuperator on top of the gun tube, this was reinforced and a bullet splash guard was added
The ammo cannister attached on the gun shield is to big and in a wrong angle so I made a new one
There was a choice for the gun shield, one in plastic and a beauty in photo etch, but in comparison with the rest of the plating this one is to thin in my opinion, so I used the plastic one but thinned down the main shield and made new ones for the side
Before putting it all together The inside of the drivers housing was painted

That's it for now, later the painting stage on which I am busy.


KuKŁiNsKi 12-12-2012 06:49 AM

this vehicle reminds me of old mob cars :D
great progress

Eddy 12-13-2012 03:47 AM


This vehicle was used in the early war years, the last of them served in Russia. I choose the cammo of the may 1940 period, grey and brown and a yellow air recognition flag on the hood made of Duro.
Here is the grey base

The gun in 2color, I use an old 88mm base for easy panting


The drivers housing is finished, see the difference between the weathered and the non weathered part.

Now I start with the motor compartment,

Thanks for looking


KuKŁiNsKi 12-13-2012 11:15 AM

looking good =)

Gopher 12-14-2012 03:13 AM

looks great so far!
any plans for figures or dio?

mike walsh 12-15-2012 09:37 PM

This is very nice.

I like the colour shading and weathering.
Good detail work.

Eddy 12-17-2012 04:09 PM

Thanks guys for your comment

Now the hood and one of the motor compartment plates are almost, some minor details had to be done when this paint is dry


T90 12-17-2012 07:03 PM

Looks great Eddy....:)

Eddy 12-21-2012 05:54 AM

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Thanks T90.

One side is finally finished

Thanks for looking


Eddy 12-30-2012 10:00 AM

The vehicle almost reaches the final stage, the front is done, now the front wheels and then I can start with the 88mm

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