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Tigermud 11-02-2007 08:15 PM

Painting tools...
I am at a loss when it comes to painting tools. While painting tools a wooden color with metal fittings looks really nice on a tank, I am looking for something more realistic. No soldier would ever take to the field with tools from the back shed! Some crusty old FSG would have them painting the tools or no weekend pass.
So, Ive tried a couple different attempts, but haven't come up with anything that fits the look. I would like to have something showing off a reasonable amount of color... maybe a well worn OD with the wood showing. I would like to avoid more of the base color.
If anyone out there has some ideas and pictures I would be open to advice.

greybeard 11-03-2007 10:22 AM

There used to be an army surplus store that sold entrenching tools and whatnot from Canadian WW2 kit. These were always overall OD. I suspect the same would apply to shovels and such in other armies, that the equipment would be olive green or OD or Feldgrau.

With minimal use, the wood and steel would become visible, and I suspect this would be even more obvious with equipment strapped to a vehicle, always in the elements. I hadn't really thought about it before, but I think for my vehicles I'm going to use a base coat corresponding to the army using them, plus some wear and tear. BTW wood, exposed to the elements, doesn't look like wood for very long. It turns grey. Go find an old fence to see what I mean.

Scott Fraser

Tigermud 11-03-2007 07:16 PM

Yep I totally agree! The hard part is finding that area where modeling and real life meet. Sometimes what looks good on the model might not be what the real thing look likes. My favorite models have tools bright with polished metal and highly varnished wood! The contrast is what gives them the flare. Thank for the imput,

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