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Stuke Sowle 07-29-2005 10:35 AM


Yesterday I finally received this book in the mail. I am sure that many of you had heard of it and are aware that one of our own, Sam Dwyer wrote it for Osprey.

Unfortunately, I only had time to peruse it for an hour or so last night and I am off to the beach in an hour or two with the family so I won't be able to dig into it much more this weekend. But in that short time I can only say that this book is really a must have for just about any fan of AFV modeling.

While I am not a huge Marder freak, really don't like them at all, this book with it's large amount of tips and techniques trancends the subject itself and can prove a huge resource to any AFV modeler.

There are a total of five articles, each on a separate vehicle as well as a gallery and a brief introduction to the tools of the trade. But the meat of the book is the large, crisp step-by-step photos included. Each vehicle has a unique finish so that one can learn different ways to finish their armor (standard three tone, whitewash, desert wear, etc). Also Sam has done some fantastic work superdetailing both the exterior and interior of his models giving the modeler even more helpful tools to make their work better.

I highly recommend this book to everyone here. And can now only drool with anticipation for the forthcoming title on the T-55 from Osprey.

tankbuster 08-13-2005 01:31 AM

I picked up the book recently as well. Really a quality production. These Osprey issues just keep getting better. Now I'm looking forward to the Grille volume!


Sheeds 08-13-2005 02:04 AM

The whole series is really worth while. I learnt many new techniques from Graeme Davidson's title on the M113, especially the tip which he tells you how to create boxes from plasticard with ease.

Sam's book is great too, but its his Marder IID that steals it for my mind.....great piece of construction, only let down by its slightly less ace paint job. ;)

Does anybody know when the T-55 book will be released? I heard it was held up for some reason.

Cheers, Bill.

Finnmodeler 08-14-2005 03:08 PM

thanks for confirming that it is a good book. I ordered it from with Alex Clark's title.


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