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07-15-2011, 04:24 PM
Hi all

Something I built 3 years ago.
It's the Airfix "Honda 500cc" 1/24th scale.
The kit went together very nicely but the decals were a :yell: to put on as the model in the instruction sheet is standing upright. After some prodding managed to get them the best I could after them lifting 3 or 4 times.




The rider is Valentino Rossi winning "Grand Prix de France", Le Mans, 20th May 2001 on his
Nastro Azzuro Honda.

Decided it needed a base.


I made it out of old CD's with fine sandpaper glued onto it as the road.
I was going to hand paint the finnish line but decided to use a sticky label insted.


At least got some reward for it :thumb:
Hope you like it

07-18-2011, 07:34 AM

Thank you for posting your bike build here on the OTA Other Than Armor forum.
Much Gratitude for the post.

Thank you also for the photos from the work bench and the photo at the Scottish National Model Show.

Congratulations with winning the ribbon award from the model show.

Those tartan plaid trophy ribbons are the coolest model awards ever.

Please be free to share any (other) OTA builds here on planetarmor.
Take care and good wishes.