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Sean Dunnage
07-05-2009, 08:30 AM
These kits are now for sale. Trades for my list are apparently unavailble as yet, so i'm going this route.
Buyer pays shipping from Canada regular post. The shipping charges below are est. I will reimburse any overcharges on shipping. The shipping prices stated are for North America. I will combine kits and get an actual shipping cost for you but that will take time. First come first serve. I will not hold kits while you think about it. Paypal preferred.

All prices are in USA Dollars
Master Box German Motorcycle MB3528 $13.00+5.00 shipping
Dragon Schwerer Panzerspahwagen 6072 $23.00+13.00 shipping
Dragon KingTiger w/Zimmerit 6303 $32.00+13.00 shipping
Bronco Staghound MkI (No rockets) 35017 $27.00+13.00 Shipping
AFV Club M3A3 35053 $24.00+13.00 Shipping
Italeri Crusader Mk II 6385 $24.00+13.00 Shipping (pending)
Cyber Hobby Tauchpanzer 6327 $75.00+13.00 Shipping