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armor fiend
07-10-2008, 01:03 PM
I want to build a T-34. It would be in Rostov in July, 1942, so I'm guessing either factory 183 or the STZ, since Rostov's about equi-distant from Kharkov and Stalingrad.

I know Cyber-Hobby makes a 1942 STZ, but I've read that it has errors. Have they been fixed? Does anyone make a 1942 Factory 183? Would any 1941 T-34s still be surviving at this point?

What about a KV-1 instead?

07-14-2008, 11:12 AM
I wasn't able to find any photos claiming to be taken in Rostov that showed good images of T-34s or KVs specifically but:
In mid 1942 production of "simplified" hulls was in full swing at Factory 183 (UTZ) and 112. These would probably be the more common types by that time frame.
At the same time the Soviet Union had a robust program of rebuilding KO'd or otherwise damaged tanks and because of that earlier model T-34s remained in service well into the war (if fact it's not uncommon to see a Model '41 hull refitted with the "Gayka" turret (the "hex" turret). So it would not be out of the realm or possibility for find a Model '41 still in service in July of '42.
At a guess (and that would be all it is at this point) a Factory 112 made tank may be a good choice for the Rostov fighting at least as far as available kits go.


07-15-2008, 02:36 AM
Most of the existing tank park of the Southern and South-Western Fronts was wiped out in the fighting for Kharkov and Voronezh in the late spring of 1942. The Southern Front had five 'organic' tank brigades in mid July which were wiped out again from 11-13.07.42 around Chertovo. By mid-August, STZ was in a fight for it's life, and subsequent reinforcements were received from Zavod No.112 (Krasnoe Sormovo) and Zavod No.183. I have only one photo of a 'flat-turret' T-34 dated after June, and it is a typical mid-1942 STZ tank with welded turret. The remainder are 'hex-turret' T-34s from Zavod No.183.

So, to attempt to answer your question, LOL! anything goes! I have photos of every manner of T-34 from the Kharkov/Voronezh operations in May, most of which can be built from a combination of kit components or OOTB from kits #6205, 6418, 6355, or 6452. Avoid #6388, the "STZ '42" kit (woof-woof), but realize that most of the STZ tanks at this time will have the interlocking front hull. (I do have a photo of a T-34 from SW Front dated May 1942, STZ cast wheels with early KhPZ-style front plate, complete with early tow cleats, hatch and riveted front beam.)

As for unit composition, yes there were KVs as well as T-60s. The KVs in photos (from August) are Model 1942s with the squared-off rear overhang and cast turret. Valentines and Matildas are also in evidence, and by September, M3 Stuarts as well.

The earliest data I have for strengths is 15.07.42 (Southern Front; five organic tank brigades and two+ independent tank brigades

55 x KV
73 x T-34
77 x T-60
25 x T-26 *
36 x BT *

Hope this helps.

Scott Fraser

07-15-2008, 03:01 AM
I found more information. The best source is the Russian magazine Frontline Illustrated 2002-06, covering the fighting during the drive to Rostov-na-Donu. There are not a lot of useful photos, but there is a description of the fighting and strength returns for all of the Red Army units engaged from the Bryansk Front, South-Western front and Southern Front, including those of the 21st and 18th Armies, principally involved in the area of Rostov.

Suffice to say, the proportion of KV:T-34:T-60s is consistent. And losses were heavy . . .

Scott Fraser

armor fiend
07-17-2008, 04:58 PM